am very proud to have Jhosua as my very first Hero. He is a very happy and funny 8 year old from NJ battling two forms of cancer. He loves superheroes especially the Teen Titans and LOVES to play video games. Jhosua was in the Hospital for over 4 months due to complications regarding his conditions. While he was in the hospital, I visited him frequently in and out of cosplay to help brighten up his day. At one of my visits while I was cosplaying Wonder Woman Jhosua asked me if he could meet Batman and Robin. I was more than pleased to grant his wish. We even celebrated his birthday together in his hospital room being that he was still on partial Isolation. He was not able to go to his party so I made sure to bring the party to him :) Jhosua was Discharged from the hospital on 6/1/15 and will be attending conventions with me from now on. Please say hi if you see us walking around :)  



Shawn is a very happy 12 year old boy who has Down Syndrome . Shawn was picked up as a second Hero by Ms. Velez while attending the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con in May of 2015. Shawn's dad asked Ms. Velez for a picture and soon after that Shawn kept close to Ms. Velez's side. Ms. Velez could not help herself and had to invite Shawn to be her second Hero this year. Shawn's dad is a single dad and is doing a great job in raising him to be an honorable young boy. Shawn loves Comic Conventions, comic books and is also a fan of Cosplaying. 



Shawn, My cosplay sisters Kassandra Cosplay as Bubbles, Misstressheadly as Buttercup and I as Blossom along with NYC Batman and Nicholas Fagan as Robin.

Photographer" Dozen Fingers Photography 

Shawn gives me a kiss after I told him that I will make him my Hero along side JhosuaTitle. Double click me.

Personal Donations to Charity



Joy is back bending in what you think is submission


but is really mercy.


It’s the watershed that comes from a good deed rippling into great character. -Alysia Harris


Ben 10 and Amazing Spiderman posters sent to Jhosua by Inbeon Studios 


Inbeon Studios Founder Eric Hutchinson and I 

NJ GHOSTBUSTERS coordinated to meet with me at The Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention in May to hand me over a box full of Ghostbusters toys and a Gift Certificate for Jhosua and his mother. 

NJ Ghostbusters and I 

NYC Batrman drove from Long Island all the way into Manhattan on a rainy night to bring me his donations of toys for Jhosua :) 

NYC Batman and Jhosua

We Can All 

Jeremy Rybak also met with me at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention to hand me over this beautiful print he hand made for Jhosua after finding out that Robin is one of his favorite characters.

Thank you Bat Squad for gifting Hero Shawn some really cool Marvel and DC swag at Gardens State Comic Fest. 

Thank you Mike Carbonaro for taking time away from your table at Garden State Comic Fest to take Hero Shawn on a walk with you and also taking him on a shopping spree 

Cosplay Culture Magazine Interviewed and Featured Heroes on Issue #21

Jhosua points out a picture of himself on Isssue #21 of Cosplay Culture Magazine 


My Little Heroes Story Blog 

July 26, 2015

Hero Shawn and his Dad joined me at Garden State Comic Fest in New Jersey

Big thank you to Dave and Sal founders of Garden State Comic Fest for rewarding Hero Shawn the very first lifetime free admission to your Comic Convention. We had an amazing time at your event and can't wait for the next one. 

Title. Double click me.      June 07, 2015
Hero Joshua is finally done with Chemo and is enjoying his summer at home with his dedicated mom. He was able to go and do a private photoshoot today with his mommy, something she wanted to do with him for a very long time. Below are the pictures of today's shoot. As soon as he gets medical clearence to be around big crowds of people he will be joining me at a Comic Convention near you. 

Title. Double click me.

Jhosua and his mother were discharged from the Hospital on June 1st after 4 long and scary months.  What great joy!!! k me.

May 4th 2015 was the first time in three months Jhosua was able to step out of his hospital room. What a joyous occasion :)  .



Jhosua, mom, dad and I on his first stroll around the ward in 3 months. 

Jhosua and his parents :) 

Batman, Robin and I Pays Jhosua a Visit after he was given the Ok by his doctors to accept more visitors  me.

The previous time I visit Jhosua, He asked if Batman and Robin can tag along with me the next time I visit. I could not had been any more happy than to grant his wish. 


Batman: NYC Batman

Robin: Nicholas Fagan


and I  

My first visit with Jhosua :)Title. Double click me.

We Can All 

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